Why I love to draw


Artwork by Gianna Cabral


Whether you like cooking or simply playing sports, everyone has a hobby they enjoy doing in their free time. We all need an outlet to let us forget about the world for a while and for me that escape is drawing.

Typically there’s a misconception that you have to be good at drawing in order to enjoy it, but all you really need is a creative mind to be an artist. People can be very judgemental towards one another, but the best part about being an artist is that there is no right or wrong in a piece of art that you have created.

One thing I love about drawing is that you can tell any story you want through your artwork. I find it so fascinating that everyone’s perspective is completely different from one another, and that shows in their artwork. I love to draw pictures that people can interpret in whatever way they choose.

I also love to draw because it gives me a sense of freedom. When I pick up a pencil and draw, I have the ability right at the tip of my fingers to create and destroy anything my heart desires, and that feeling makes me feel so powerful.

Also, as someone who’s not entirely good at putting my feelings into words, drawing enables me to express my emotions without having to speak. Drawing something that represents how I feel allows me to show how I’m feeling when I can’t seem to get the words to come out of my mouth.

Drawing helps me drown out all of the negativity in life when it gets too much. When I have a bad day and don’t want to get out of bed, I like to create art. When I feel sad or angry and don’t totally understand why, putting my thoughts onto a piece of paper through a drawing helps me understand my emotions a little bit better. Even though we all go through sadness and pain, for me creating art allows me to take all of those awful emotions and create something beautiful out of it.

Not only does drawing make me feel better temporarily, but it gives me so much strength, optimism, and confidence that I can do anything. I feel like drawing gives me a purpose in this world. When I create art, it gives me hope that someone might see my artwork and make a connection to it. I could make someone feel empowered simply because they can relate to my artwork. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll see one of my pieces of art and feel inspired, too.