Need space for creativity?


Hidden in the back of the Gloucester High School Library Learning Commons, unknown to most, is a world of pure imagination.  The back lab of the Library has been converted from a sub-par computer room to what can only be described as a Creation Lab.

“The Creation Lab is an innovative space where students can create film, record audio, or just use a large table, anything they need to be creative,” said GHS librarian Samantha Whitney.

Equipped with five iMac computers, three iPad Minis, ten iPad Pros and iPad Airs, the Creation Lab has more than enough equipment to help you be creative in any way shape or form you desire. The space can also be used as a great place to present a project since there is a greenscreen and magnetic chalkboard installed inside the room.

“We know that our students need more than the basics,” said Whitney. “They need to be able to adapt and use inquiry to solve real world problems, and they need a space that inspires them to create and be innovative.”

The lab is setup so that anyone can go in whenever the library is open. In your free time after school, during lunch or even with a class. All you have to do is sign in and you can use the equipment and space however you see fit.