Docksiders pack full house with characters, cookies, and fun


Jason Grow

Volunteers dress up as characters to entertain children who attended the Docksiders’ “Characters, Cookies, and Cocoa,” fundraiser last Friday

MARIA KOTOB, Staff Writer, Editor

From the ashes of the unsuccessful pancake breakfasts rose “Characters, Cookies, and Cocoa,” a new and improved fundraiser event for the Docksiders where children of all ages gathered in the GHS cafeteria to eat cookies and drink hot cocoa as the band played an array of songs.

“There were lots of families, lots of young kids, it was a really fun environment. There was good food and refreshments provided by parents. It was overall a good time,”  said sophomore Docksiders band member Owen Bryan. “It was definitely more successful than the previous pancake breakfasts we’ve done in the past. We made over $700, which is pretty great.”

Last Friday, the band members dressed up in various costumes, ranging from superheroes to movie characters to princesses for the children to take photos with, and as a form of entertainment as they played music to enjoy throughout the event. Songs like Happy, Cruella DeVille, and S’Wonderful were performed to create a lively atmosphere.

“The band sounded great and all the kids seemed to have a lot of fun, it was a good night,” said junior Karlee Hynes, a volunteer at the event.

The most prized part was the snowman making. The kids were provided with a roll of toilet paper and given the task to make their partner look the most like a snowman as others watched while they ate cookies, cake pops, and other treats.

The next Docksider event will be this Friday, February 10 at 7:00 in the GHS auditorium. They will be opening for the performance of the Abletones. Admission is $5 a person.