GHS students skate around their latest competition


GHS’s Amy Petralia (left) and Jenna Lake (middle left) at Monday’s skating competition


Cape Ann Skating Club had another successful competition on at Talbot Rink on Monday, where GHS  junior Jenna Lake and freshman Amy Petrelli  placed within their age divisions.

“It was fun to have a competition at our home rink, and to have that home advantage,” said Lake.

Each member of their team competed a program against the other skaters in their division. A program is a routine or free skate performed by those who are competing, and it may be done individually or in pairs.

Petrelli placed first in the pre-juvenile division and Lake placed third in the juvenile division, while the team is currently in the third division.

“It’s something I love to do, and something I never thought I’d want to do,” explained Petrelli. “When you get to see behind the scenes, you can see how technical and beautiful it is.”

The team is now considering attending a Burlington competition in March.