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MIT Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory


If you are interested in engineering or science and your summer plans are a little lacking, then look no further, for you have stumbled upon the solution to all your problems.

LLRise is a summer program run by Lincoln Laboratories at  the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which offers a once in a lifetime experience to learn about radars from experts who specialize in it. For two weeks in the summer, July 9th to the 22nd, 18 upcoming seniors from across the country get the opportunity to live in the MIT dormitory, go to classes, and build a small radar system from scratch.

Whether you want to pursue a career in engineering or are unsure, this exceptional program will expose you to tools and programs engineers use everyday, such as 3D printing, Solidworks, Matlab, laser cutting, and soldering. Real engineers and engineering students will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

This program was originally a class for college students at MIT offered in between semesters. It has been altered slightly to better suit high school students, while still retaining the difficulty of the course. All sessions are taught by MIT Lincoln staff, who have PHDs and specialize in engineering.

A day at LLRise consists of learning about different types of radar and the engineering behind them. Eventually students will build their own radars and use them to perform experiments. At the end of the program, students will present their creations to the staff and other participants.

“I think what students love most about the program is the lasting friendships that they make,” said LLRise teaching assistant Qiana Cucuru. “I still keep in touch with students from last years program to see how they are all doing.”

The program and housing is free. Transportation is provided for students from the main MIT campus and Lincoln laboratories, but you will need to secure your own ride to and from the program.

There are certain requirements to be eligible for this program. You must be a US citizen and complete calculus and physics by the end of your Junior year.

For a full list of requirements and information regarding applications and where to send them, visit their official website: