O’Maley evacuated due to fire


Jenna Taormina

Fire officials stand on the roof of O’Maley Innovation Middle School after flames began coming out of a vent.


The Gloucester vs. North Reading hockey game started off hot after the Dorothy Talbot Rink, located at O’Maley Innovation Middle School, had to be evacuated due to a fire.

Allegedly, the fire started due to a gas leak in the auditorium, though it has not yet been confirmed.

The Gloucester Fire Department has also called in for help from both the Manchester Fire Department and the Rockport Fire Department.

The hockey game that was supposed to take place tonight at 6pm has since been delayed. The Gloucester Fishermen were set to take on the North Reading Hornets before the fire began.

North Reading went to their bus after being evacuated and Gloucester was removed from the locker room.