Students practice hands-on skills in cabinet design


Tim Rose

Joseph Kibango, Timothy White, John Mondello, Evan Smith, Jack McNulty and Robert Turner pose with their hand crafted shaker shelves

DYLAN VIAU, Staff Writer

Need a place to hang your coat and keys? First year cabinet design students can help. They are currently in the process of finishing their first project of the year- shaker shelves.

“It was my first time working on something like this,” said Cabinet Design student David Killian. “Even though I made mistakes I felt like I learned a lot from my mistakes and I am much more confident now than I was at the start.”

Cabinet design is an elective available to all students at GHS. ¨Cabinet design is a class where students can learn woodworking and craftsmanship skills that they can take with them for years to come,¨ said Tim Rose, cabinet design teacher at GHS. ¨Students taking this class also gain valuable employment skills.¨

Killian said he finds the class to be laid back and enjoys that the class moves at the students’ individual pace.

 “What I like most is that we are able to create something on our own,”said Killian. “Rose is a savage! He’s a nice guy and is always positive even when students make mistakes.”

Most first year cabinet design students enter the class with little to no knowledge of the shop environment. By Halloween students have used 80% of the equipment in the shop, and have brought home their first project.

Cabinet design is a hands on shop class which offers students a unique class experience and allows kids to create a tangible piece of work they can take with them.

When asked why he decided to take the class freshman Matteo Ferrara said “I didn’t want to be sitting down for 6 hours so I thought it would be fun to have a class like this, it’s a break from paperwork”

There is now a GHS Cabinet design instagram, where they will be posting project updates of student work. The instagram account currently has only 40 followers. If you are someone who appreciates woodwork, or any kind of art, you should follow their instagram account @ghscabinetdesign