GHS drama takes on Shakespeare


For the first time in a decade, William Shakespeare’s words will grace the Putney Auditorium as Gloucester High School’s theater program presents Twelfth Night.

The play is a romantic comedy centered around a pair of twins who get separated in a shipwreck. The group has made some changes to the setting and costumes to familiarize it for the audience’s benefit. Rather than it being set in Illyria, the show will be presented in Gloucester circa 1950.

“The fact that it is set in 1950’s Gloucester is cool,” said Kayla Saltonstall who plays Sir Toby Belch.  “The costumes make it more lively, the sets are cool, we have a lot of sound effects in the show too.”

The cast has gone through some recent changes as several roles were recast to new actors just before production.

“It’s been very different because so many people have switched around and parts have been changed.  All of my scenes are with people new to the show,” said junior Jessyca Muniz who plays Maria. “It has been hard because they don’t know their lines, so when I have to improvise, I’m improvising Shakespearean language and it’s not how I talk, I don’t automatically think “doth”.

“Well it’s definitely more difficult than past shows because it’s Shakespeare, but everyone has worked really hard,” said stage manager Jenna Lake. “There have been rough patches, but we’ve overcome them to put on a great show. We have worked hard every day after school for the past three months and are really excited for others to see it.”

“This is the first time I have done Shakespeare,” said Saltonstall who was recast in a lead role just last week. “It has been interesting because I started out with a small role, but  a week before opening night I took on a part that was double the size of my original part.”

Two things Saltonstall is sure of: everyone will know their lines on opening night, and the show will be funny. “Shakespeare likes crude humor, and we make the jokes obvious so it is easier for teenagers who don’t always get Shakespeare to understand”


WHAT? Twelfth Night

WHEN? Thursday November 3rd 7:00pm, Friday November 4th 7:00pm, Saturday November 5th matinee 1:00pm & evening 7:00pm

WHERE? GHS Putney Auditorium

HOW MUCH? Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students, staff and seniors.

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