BTC workshop shakes up Shakespeare

CAROLINE ENOS, Staff Writer, Editor

The Boston Theater Company recently held a workshop for the GHS theater program, where  students were educated and inspired by the importance of William Shakespeare’s plays.

Students played games and participated in exercises to help understand the characters they play in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” which the GHS Drama Program will be performing on November 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

“The workshop related the themes and ideas of Shakespeare to the lives of the students and their characters,” said theater teacher Jessica Ruggles. “The workshop showed how the characters in ‘Twelfth Night’ relate to each other, and in terms of status and class and interpreting breaks in the show.”

“Overall, it was very positive and helpful for a lot of us,” said Drama Council President Danielle Crear. “ It motivated us to research our characters and their relevance.”

The workshop was ran by members of the Boston Theater Company, which is a relatively new group where young theater professionals explore the relevance of Shakespeare and perform his plays in modern day settings.

“As high school students, everyone says ‘I hate Shakespeare,’ but they have to look at the perspective of performing it on stage to really understand it,” said Sara Corchado. “The actors from the Boston Theater Company made learning about Shakespeare fun.