JROTC attends camping trip at Gordon College


JROTC Cadets camp out at Gordon College over the weekend


Gloucester’s JROTC program started off the new school year with an exciting and unifying camping trip to Gordon College this past weekend.

“Camp was a great opportunity for the cadet staff to work together and to get to know the cadets, especially the first years,” said JROTC Cadet Commanding Officer Soo Ae Ono. “It allowed first year cadets to get a glimpse of what JROTC is like and to get to know one another.”

Thirty-one cadets attended the overnight trip, where they participated in team building exercises that included scaling a wooden wall as a team, balancing on a giant seesaw, and a taking a leap of faith off a telephone pole while reaching for a bar.

The cadets attempted to emulate what being in the United States armed forces is really like by sleeping outside, participating in physical training, and eating MREs (meals ready to eat).

“They taste like airplane food and are about 2000 calories each,” said Ono.

“We did a lot of teamwork related exercises and I liked how we all figured out how to work together without yelling at one another,” said Cadet Corporal Jacob Russell.

GHS JROTC instructors Chief Warrant Officer 3 and Senior Marine Instructor Richard Muth and Master Sergeant Carcel Dubose also attended the event.

The weather was not ideal for sleeping outside in tents, which they were originally going to do, so the cadets slept in a cabin.

Overall, this was an educational and enjoyable trip for the Cadets.

“I enjoyed seeing the unit work together, bond, and have fun,” said Cadet first Sergeant Malia Hartwell. “As a senior, seeing how far this program has come makes me proud to say that I’m apart of it.”