Spanish exchange students say “adios” to their hosts


Anne Paganetti

Spanish exchange students smile for the camera before a field trip

OWEN BRYAN, Staff Writer

On September 9th, fifteen students from Málaga, Spain arrived to GHS for a three week exchange program. Accompanied by their chaperone, Javier Holgado, many of the students took their first steps on American soil.

The students have been traveling around the North Shore and Boston area, sightseeing, visiting historical areas, and a day trip to Maine.  They are occupied with trips most weekdays and stay with their host families on weekends and most afternoons. Some host families planned activities with others throughout the three weeks.

“A group of us came back to my house after the football game on Friday and went to Laser Quest the next day,” said host Maria Kotob. “We’ve been hanging out almost every day since. I regret not meeting up with them sooner because before that only a few of us got together. But now there are 13 of us that hang out.”

Many exchange students got to try new things unavailable to them in their region of Spain. “I liked going paddle boarding,” said Mario Serrano Triviño. Some also enjoyed going to Skyzone and the scheduled whale watch. “I have never seen a whale before then,” said Pepe Sanchez, hosted by sophomore Owen Bryan.

Though they’ve done a lot in the three weeks they’ve been here, there is still more they want to do.

“I was excited to see the (American) football game Friday,” said Serrano Triviño.  They also attended the pep rally.

Some students plan to come back to America because they enjoyed their time here. “I want to come here for university next year,” said  Jorge García Arrabal hosted by the Sperry family .

The students will depart on September 29 after three action-packed weeks in the states, an emotional moment for both the hosts and their students.

“The last three weeks have gone by so fast I can’t believe it. I’ve met so many new people and made all of these new friends, and now I have to watch them leave. It’s going to be really sad to see them go. I wish they were here a little longer,” said Kotob.