GHS welcomes Daniel Fleury as new music director


New music director for GHS: Daniel Fleury

MARIA KOTOB, Staff Writer, Editor

This past school year, students have said hello and goodbye to Aaron Staluppi, the man who took over Gloucester High School’s music program after David Adam’s retirement the year before. As sad as it was for many students to see him go, Gloucester High welcomes Daniel Fleury as the new head of the music program.

“I think he’s cool, I like the new style he’s bringing to the band and the new approach and how he’s viewing all the songs is very intricate,” said Docksiders member Christian Celentano. “I think it’s really pushing us to the next level and it’s gonna help us grow as a whole.”

Before he came to GHS, Fleury graduated from UMass Amherst with a Master’s degree in Choral Conducting. He remained at UMass to work for several years before earning a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and Trumpet Performance.

Fleury hopes to get a good group of students in the current ensembles, possibly create new classes and new ensembles, and to start a select a-capella group at GHS in the future.

“It is my dream to help continue the growth that [Mr. Adams] started,” said Fleury. “And although I have not been one with the a-capella world, I would certainly explore it for the future of GHS.”

Fleury plans to continue the tradition of the coffee house performances and the pep band for the upcoming football games.

“It’s a good opportunity  for students to come out and hear their peers, and for parents to come out too,” said Fleury.

The Docksiders’ first official performance of the school year will be at the block party on Friday, September 2nd.