GHS says farewell to Principal Anderson


Shaun Goulart

Dr. Erik Anderson will continue in the field of education


As graduation approaches, members of the class of 2016 are not the only ones moving on. Principal Erik Anderson will preside over his last GHS commencement ceremony on Sunday, leaving school with the same students he arrived with four years ago.

“I’ve truly enjoyed my time at GHS and believe that the spirit and pride of the student body and teachers is the school’s greatest strength,” said Anderson.

During his four years as principal, Anderson has made impactful curriculum and policy changes. He worked with the dean of Endicott College to create a program at GHS that mirrors the curriculum at Endicott, has improved the daily attendance average of students, has added new classes like Media and Publications and Biotech, as well as numerous other changes to the academic aspects of the school.

“I believe my biggest impact is a greater sense of equity (in terms of both expectations and opportunity) for all students at all levels. Generally speaking, more GHS students are accessing a rigorous and vigorous curriculum and finding success.”

“Three years ago, 66 students took an AP test. Four percent were qualified for free or reduced lunch,” said Anderson. “Last year, 138 students took AP tests and 19 percent were qualified for free or reduced lunch. Now more students feel encouraged to stretch themselves academically and take healthy risks.”

Many students will miss Anderson, who has been at the school for four years.

“I think he always only intended the best for the school, but sometimes he was misinterpreted,” said senior Mike Cody. “He was always extremely supportive of his students, and always wanted them to be successful in every aspect of their lives and careers.”

“He is a very nice and down to earth guy who was willing to talk about sports and life,” said junior Jacob Belcher. “He will truly be missed.”

Anderson has been a teacher and principal at elementary, middle, and high schools, and will continue to advance his career in education.

“My next opportunity still lies before me. I’ve been a school administrator for fourteen years and in education for twenty-five. It’s what I do, so I anticipate continuing to work on behalf of young people.”

“I have learned and grown as a professional, and a person, during my time at GHS,” said Anderson. “I’ve had many experiences that have been enriching and helped me to reflect upon what’s most rewarding, again, both personally and professionally.  I will be a better person and educator because of it.”

Anderson is positive about the future of Gloucester High School.

“I believe GHS is poised to take the next step, go to the next level, if you will.  As I live in Gloucester and have school age children, I am of course keenly interested in the school’s progress. In working with a very strong group of teacher leaders, I’m positive the next Principal will help move the school forward.”