Girls LAX to the MAX


Danielle Larrabee

Players meet with goalie Lily Kuhns during halftime at game against Wakefield.


Girls’ lacrosse season has come to an end after the team earned its best record yet,  winning the Northeast Conference as Co-Champions for the second year in a row.

Coming into the season, the lacrosse team had no coach. Captains’ practices and the indoor league were going on with no structure until football coach Mike Lattof stepped up.

Coach Lattof brought in two other football coaches, Brian Anderson and John Fosberry, as well a fourth coach Ana Oshiro.

“The team went from no coach to four in a matter of days. With Coach Lattof and our new coaches, we worked very hard and they really pushed us to succeed. The girls lacrosse program now has the best record it has ever had and I believe a lot of that is owed to their coaching style,” said senior captain Lindsey Parrish.

“Coach Lattof does not focus on one player or superstars, he focuses on the whole team and how to improve the team.”

During the first three games of the season, the Fisherman lost to out of conference teams and, as the season continued, they ended up being on top of the conference.

Junior Maggie Destino lead the team with goals and was named an All Conference player while the goalie, Lily Kuhns, was named Defensive MVP. Lindsey Parrish, Kate Morrissey, and Rachel Alexander were named All Stars. Gloucester received the second most awards behind only Marblehead.  

“I think that the season was very successful. We came a very long way, learned, had good teamwork, and great ball movement,”  said coach Mike Lattof.  “We won more games than anyone else and we all grew as a team and had a good time. The team is in better position this year going into next year,”

“He cares about every girl on the team and wants us all to succeed,” said senior captain Hannah Mills. “I have never had a better coach than Mike Lattof and I believe he deserves a lot of recognition.”

The fishermen ended their season with a tournament game last Tuesday night. They lost to the Bishop Fenwick Crusaders with a score of 19-5.  Alexander got three goals, while Destino and Emily Kenyon each got one.

Now that the season is over, the girls lacrosse team graduated six seniors, Hannah Mills, Lindsey Parrish, Charlie Gillon, Kate Morrissey, Hailey Muniz and Abby Francis.

“The team will do great things next year even with the loss of the seniors,” said Sophomore Emily Kenyon. “It was bittersweet for the seniors to end the season strong, and to look forward to next year.”