Memorable moments from the class of 2016


Although hearing people say that “high school flies” gets old very quickly, it is true. It seems like soon after you step into the building on the first day of your freshman year, it seem like weeks before your high school graduation. Two seniors from the class of 2016  have selected a handful of memorable moments and insight for the Class of 2016 for your enjoyment. We hope you enjoy high school as much as we did!

1. The First Pep Rally

For the Class of 2016, we will never forget the first pep rally of our freshman year. The seniors were about to make their entrance into the field house when we were told by the juniors to turn around and face the wall. Most freshmen thought the juniors were helping us out, telling us we were not supposed to look at the seniors when they entered. But in reality, they were just trying to disrespect the principal. So being the naive freshmen that we were, we turned around. Do you think the juniors got in trouble for tricking us? Of course not. We were the ones the principal got mad at. What a wonderful way to start off the year, and our high school careers.

2. Ms. Pretzler’s Freshman Honors History Class

Imagine about forty freshmen students stuffed in the windowless and enclosed lecture hall. Now add in one of the tiniest whiteboards (second to Mrs. Rex’s whiteboard) and about the tiniest desk-chairs in America. This was the reality of our history class of freshmen year. The non-classroom environment led to many failed tests (one of the worst being the Manifest Destiny test which was literally thrown into the trash in front of our faces). Seniors, do you also remember the endless packets due to the shortage of text-books? Fortunately, unlike Ms. Finacey’s never ending packets, these were actually quite easy. The class overall, however, was a mess.

3. France and Italy Trip

If you ever have a chance to participate in a trip like this, then you should. Travelling to other countries with all your friends is a great experience. For most of it we were sleep deprived and a lot of it seems like a blur, but we are so happy that we have those memories.

The six hour long bus rides every other day consisted of catching up on sleep and listening to Mr. Basile sing Taylor Swift songs, which is a life event in itself. Visiting the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Vatican City, and Monaco were just a few of the opportunities that this trip provided. And who could forget that “epic” promposal on the top of the Eiffel Tower? You get to have so much freedom to explore these places on your own and every night someone would throw a poker party in their room. It was by far one of the best memories from high school.

4. Mr. Francis and the non denominational tree of winter festivities

For anyone who had Mr. Francis junior year, this class was definitely memorable. The only time we took a break from the endless notes was to do projects that entertained him, like performing a musical about the renaissance, or decorating the “Non denominational tree of winter festivities” with ornaments from your assigned country.  

Many remember this project in particular due to the fact that the non denominational tree of winter festivities was mysteriously taken by a Grinch, or the kid that wrote he was the Grinch on Mr. Francis’ board. This failed attempt to stop the celebration was quickly put to rest as the non denominational tree of winter festivities was promptly returned. Mysteriously returned, but returned nonetheless.

5. College Applications

The only piece of advice you need is to get them done early. Don’t stress out about your college essay, just say something simple that is a good representation of your character. Don’t get caught up in making every word perfect, because unless your essay is terrible it will not greatly impact your acceptance into college.

If your grades are there and you have been involved with either community service, sports, or the arts, the essay is just a way for the college admissions people to get to know you better. This is where you include something that makes you unique and whatever you would feel your application would be incomplete without.

6. Semi Formal of Senior Year

Semi is the first time when your class really realizes that this is your year. Semi is practically prom, but less stress. Dates are welcome but not necessary. Make yourself dance and don’t worry about looking awkward. You sitting while everyone dances is not only more noticeable but also really boring. People will have fun without you whether or not you want them to. So just dance, get through three songs, and you won’t stop until the end of the night.

7. Scholarships

If you think college applications are stressful, than you are in for a rough ride with scholarships. Applications are nothing compared to the stress and loss of sanity you will experience come January when the college scholarship bulletin is published. Despite the advances humanity has made with technology, Gloucester High School is still stuck in the stone age with the scholarship application process. Unlike other schools who have made the decision to move away from paper and snail mail, Gloucester High School has not.

This school has students endure the pain of writing a million different essays because the prompts are all different and making you print out several copies of everything. Then, that awkward moment when you realize there is a tiny typo on your cover letter and you have to print everything again. After you have actually completed this process and you close the last envelope, you realize you are lucky if you even get one out of the forty you applied for.

8. Prom season

Well this has not actually happened. But here is our experience with the weeks leading up to the big night. The end of high school is filled with the drama and hype of prom. Promposals take over and become an excuse for people to show off to others how expensive, extravagant, and flashy their big asking to prom was. Instead of enjoying the final month or two of your last year in high school people freak out about the perfect date, transportation, and the dresses. Don’t get me started on the dresses.

The Facebook page is a way for the senior girls to judge each other and a way for juniors to try to out do the seniors. For the actual night, go to prom with who you want to go with and get a dress that you like, don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. Have fun, but remember graduation practice is at 8 o’clock the next morning!

It’s been real GHS class of 2016 may the future grant you nothing but happiness.