J. Cook one of three finalists for principal

MARIA KOTOB, Staff Writer

As Principal Dr. Erik Anderson prepares to leave, the question looms: who will be the new principal of Gloucester High School?

Gloucester has begun to finalize their decision for who will be the next high school principal. Starting with eleven candidates, they have narrowed down the choices to three finalists:  GHS English Teacher James Cook, Beverly High School Assistant Principal Elizabeth Taylor, and Brookline High School Headmaster Deborah Holman.

There will be three individual meetings to meet and discuss questions with each candidate. A select group of students will meet the candidates during the school day, and others are encouraged to attend the meeting at 3:30 open to parents, guardians and community members.

The schedule for the meetings is:

Wednesday, May 18 Elizabeth Taylor

Thursday, May 19, James Cook

Monday, May 23, Deborah Holman

12:30-1:15    Tour of the building

1:15-2:00    Meet with a select group of students

2:30-3:30    Meet with staff

3:30-4:30    Meet with parents, guardians, community members