Docksiders perform for full house at Shalin Liu


Alexandra Grace

The Docksiders perform while being directed by teacher Aaron Staluppi.

JENNA TAORMINA, Staff Writer/Editor

Yesterday, the Gloucester High School band The Docksiders performed their second annual free concert at the Shalin Liu in Rockport.

At 7pm the band kicked off the evening by playing “Lady is a Tramp” followed by “Four”, “‘Swonderful”, “Georgia on my Mind”, “Birdland”, and “Zoot Suit”. They also performed “Orange Colored Sky” sung by senior Alexandra Grace and “Everything” sung by senior Jack Favazza.

“Lady is a Tramp” included soloists Noah Stevens on alto saxophone and Christian Celentano on trumpet. “Four” featured a solo by senior Robbie Strescino on trumpet. “‘Swonderful” was played with soloists Rob Strescino, Noah Stevens, and Jett Sayess on piano. “Georgia on my Mind” also featured Strescino, along with Owen Brown on the tenor saxophone, and Lukas Struppe on the trombone. “Birdland” included soloists Noah Stevens and Robbie Strescino. The final song of the first set, “Zoot Suit”, featured Lukas Struppe and Christian Celentano.

After intermission the band continued by playing “September” with Owen Brown, “Autumn Leaves” with Jett Sayess, “Jazz Police”, “Girl from Ipanema” featuring Kayleigh Crabb on alto saxophone and Robbie Strescino, and “Happy” with senior soloists Liam Carney and Josh Cominelli on guitar.

Grace also went on to sing “Summertime” and “Feeling Good”. “Summertime” featured a solo by Robbie Strescino. The Docksiders ended their concert by playing “Swing Machine” which featured a solo by Jonathan Frontiero on drums.

“It’s a nice place to perform because it’s an actual music hall designed for performances so the acoustics are great,” said baritone saxophone player and senior Brennen Crossman.

Upcoming for The Docksiders is the Arts Festival which will be held at City Hall on May 14. Following the Arts Festival, The Docksiders will be performing a Swing Night at City Hall on May 21.