GHS athletes recognized for sports achievements



Two Gloucester students were honored at the Massachusetts Celebration of Girls and Women in Sports Day on Wednesday, March, 23 in Faneuil Hall, Boston.

Sara Francis and Rachel Alexander were two of the 325 female athletes recognized by the The MIAA Women in Leadership Committee for their efforts in their communities on behalf of women’s sports.

Francis and Alexander were chosen by the Athletic Director, Kim Patience to represent Gloucester High School.

“It was an honor to celebrate women in sports day with Sara and Rachel,” said Patience. “The messages were powerful to help life long female athletes to continue to excel and continue participating in sport.”

The keynote speaker was Maura Driscoll who is a National Broadcaster, Reporter, and Former Elite Gymnast. She gave important advice to the younger athletes being honored and spoke about her career and how she never gave up.

“Go home and thank your families for all the opportunities and support they have given you throughout your sports careers,” said Driscoll. “You can make your dreams a reality if you never give up.”

Four women were honored with the Massachusetts Women in Athletics Distinguished Service Award (MWADSA) for their generous contributions of time and talent to female student athletes. After the four women were honored, three student essay award winners were recognized and the first place winner read her essay about leadership.

The Massachusetts Senior Olympians walked up to the stage and were celebrated and applauded. Lastly, the Watertown High School Field Hockey team was recognized on their amazing National Winning Streak. The theme of this year’s Sport Day was “Leading the way.”

After the awards were given out, the 2016 honored athletes who were representing their respected schools walked the stage.

“It was a cool experience and I was glad we got to go to hear all of the advice that the different women had for us,” said Francis. “I also think it was cool that hundreds of us went to be acknowledged.”