Awesome Gloucester Foundation makes library more…awesome


(from left) Lexi Ciolino, Jarrod Martin, Samantha Whitney, Chrissy Nugent, and Isaac DaSilva made a successful pitch to Awesome Gloucester for a grant to make improvements to the library

ERIN TETTONI, Staff Writer

Last week GHS students Juniors Lexi Ciolino, Isaac da Silva, Jarrod Martin, and Chrissy Nugent were awarded a $1000 grant for library improvements after pitching their idea to the Awesome Gloucester Foundation.

Thanks to the Awesome Gloucester Foundation, improvements will be made to make the Eliot T. Parker library learning commons  more appealing to students.  Improvements will include new furniture, a Lego wall, and plants.

“We all thought it was a great idea,” said Isaac da Silva.“All of us always go to the library so it was something we were passionate about.”

“It was very interesting going in front of the committee and presenting our ideas,” said da Silva. “We all felt so accomplished on obtaining the grant.”

One of the projected additions is a Lego wall and all would be welcome to contribute.

“This idea was inspired by the Pingree library learning commons,” said Whitney. “The wall is a manifestation of the library because it is a place where we all come together not just to study.”

“We want the Lego wall because it adds an element of creativity to the library,” said da Silva. “It’s something that Ms. Whitney can post announcements to and students can do something creative or fun in their spare time.”

Students want to add plants in order to make the library more environmentally friendly. “It would be great if we could get donations from E-Club or local organizations,” said Whitney.

The pitch for the grant was entirely student run, with minimal help from GHS library teacher / librarian Samantha Whitney.  Students created a survey to get feedback on desired improvements.

The students hope to complete the library improvements by the 2016-2017 school year and they are willing to work through the summer.

Although one thousand dollars is a solid amount of money, the students hope to raise more to further renovate the library.

“$1000 is a good start,” said Whitney. “We’re looking for more than what the grant provided us.”