Food drive benefits Open Door


MIKE CODY, Staff Writer

This is the time of year for giving and helping others. Here at Gloucester High School we are having our annual food drive for the Open Door food pantry.

The goal at GHS is to obtain 1,000 or more non perishable goods to donate. In most years kids start slow but finish strong, bringing in a ton of goods for the last week or two.

In past years teachers have had battles between each other seeing who can get their classes to bring in the most goods. It’s just a way to do something good and put a little competition in spirit into it. Other teachers have offered extra credit or other incentives for bringing in goods.

This year there is quite the competition on the second floor. A group of teachers – Mr. Francis, Mr. P. Cook, Mr. Goulart, Mr. Pueler, Mr. Telles, Ms. Whitney, and Mr. J. Cook. have challenged their classes to see who can bring in the most perishable goods.

But it isn’t about competition. It’s all about helping others during the holiday season and possibly adding a little cheer to someone less fortunate. So come on and donate!