Music room dedicated to Adams


(from left) Aaron Staluppi, David Adams, and Dave DiPietro at the band room dedication ceremony


The GHS band room was dedicated to longtime band leader, and Docksiders founder, Mr. David J. Adams at the Docksiders’ annual winter coffee house on Friday night.

Adams, who retired last year, is credited with reviving the music program at Gloucester High School and directing the Docksiders jazz band for fourteen years. For his dedication to the music program, he was presented with citations and recognized in speeches by faculty and students.


Senator Bruce Tarr awarded Adams a citation for his hard work in creating the program. He also awarded Gloucester High School a citation for creating a successful music department.

“To all of those who are a part of this department in the future, let them know that they are building on a foundation that was started by an incredible man.”  said Senator Tarr.

Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken thanked Adams for showing the community how important performing arts and music are in students’ education.

“I’m sure that growth in this department will continue because of what you have done,¨ said Romeo Theken, ¨Because the Docksiders and performing arts are what this community is all about.”

Students also spoke on behalf of Adams to explain the impact he had on their personal lives as well.

Chorus co-president Alex Grace recognized Adams for the welcoming atmosphere he provided her freshman year.

“He gave me a place to fit in which I had never had before,” said Grace, ¨You can’t grasp how much confidence and how many opportunities he has given us.”

According to his former students, Adams instilled a love of music in the students he directed over the years.

Adams inspired Docksiders’ student director Josh Cominelli to hope to become a music teacher.

“I hope someday if I become a teacher, I can impact kids the way he impacted me.¨ said Cominelli.”

Adams was replaced by Aaron Staluppi, who did not go unrecognized. Adams congratulated Staluppi on his work with the music program, and shared his belief that Staluppi will enhance the music program in his upcoming years at GHS.

David DiPietro remains the assistant director of the GHS Docksiders. DiPietro became very emotional on behalf of Adams, and showed that the past director meant a lot to both him and the students at GHS.

“I will always remember what you did not just for the band but for me as a person and a teacher,” said DiPietro. “I look up to you and trust you like my own father.”

Adams accepted the citations and praise, and pointed out that the evening was a humbling event for him.

“I just keep thinking how people usually are given plaques like this, and that people talk about someone in such a positive way like this when it’s their funeral, but I’m still around,” said Adams. “Let’s get back to what we really came here for, to hear these guys play some incredible music.”