Opinion: When the fantasy becomes all too real



A startling new disease is sweeping the country and causing people, specifically young men, to have odd shifts in behavior throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Young men infected with this disease may tend to congregate with others who have fallen ill, and exist in a zombie like state for entire days. Other side effects may include attachment to one’s phone, a desire to hide inside on beautiful days, and angry girlfriends.

Maybe you know exactly the fixation I’m talking about. It’s the dreaded fantasy football obsession.

According to the New York Post, 75 million people will play fantasy football this year, and 86 percent of them will be male.

Now let me make it clear; I don’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying fantasy football.

I can not even say that it’s wrong for people to play fantasy for money, because it is considered legal. The Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act of 1999 declared fantasy football to be a game of skill and not luck, which enables those underage to participate.

Most young people who play couldn’t care less about the money, and only do it for bragging rights in their group of “bros”. Because that is so cool.

I think fantasy football gets taken too far when you plan other events in your life around when the games will be on. In that case you may be in need of a reality check.

Do you really need more than one app on your phone notifying you about the games? Probably not. Should you really set your alarm for 4:30 am just so you can get first pick? Definitely not. And is it necessary to ignore the entire world for ten hours every Sunday to be in a sedentary state? Honestly go outside.

So where exactly is the line drawn between fun, and full on obsession? I’m not entirely sure.

All I know is that I miss when guys were actually guys. When they wanted to go outside and actually play sports instead of betting on which players will do better on their imaginary teams.

I think you move past the point of “just for fun” when you can’t have a conversation without fantasy football being the main focus. Or when you have the nerve to check ESPN during an argument with your girlfriend about your obsession. Seriously?

Don’t let it consume your life, because there are way more important things to devote your time to. And if you start experiencing any of the symptoms above, seek help immediately.