Thanksgiving game bittersweet for seniors


Michael Latoff Jr.

Fishermen take on Falcons at Thanksgiving game last year

MIKE CODY, Staff Writer

For many senior football players it is the last time. The last time they strap on the pads, buckle their helmet, and lace up their cleats. The last time they take the football field, something many of them have done since they were six years old.

It won’t be just another game for them, it will be their last football game of their lives.

“Life without football is going to be weird,” said senior captain Alex Enes. “It is going to be like I’m missing something. It is sad that it’s over but the memories are something that I’ll remember forever.”

“I’m sad that it’s my last game,” said Pat Goss. “But I hope to go out on a high note.”

When Gloucester and Danvers take the field on Thanksgiving, spectators can expect a physically tough game between the 8-2 Fishermen and 7-3 Falcons. Danvers holds the trophy after winning last year’s game 20-7.

The Falcons run a complicated offense with many different sets and formations. It features read option looks as well as a wildcat set. Don’t be fooled though, because they are still the Danvers of old, they will try to run the ball behind a big offensive line all game long.

They also have a tough defense that was able to shut down a powerful Marblehead offense just a few weeks ago.

The Fishermen will also look to attack the defense with their run first wing-t offense. The offensive line has provided tough play all season long, opening holes for the Fishermen’s backfield consistently.

“I’m ready to go to battle with this team, one last time,” said captain Thomas Donahue.

The Fishermen defense has shut down the strong rushing attacks of Beverly and Revere this season. They will have come ready to play Thursday if they want to continue that trend.

They two rivals will take the field on Thursday November 26 (Thanksgiving) at 10a.m. at Newell Stadium.