Students honored for academic achievement


Courtesy of the Cape Ann Beacon and David Sokol

High-achieving students pose for a photo with Principal Erik Anderson on Wednesday night


On November 18th, nineteen students were named Sawyer Medal recipients. The top ten students in the freshmen class and the top five from the sophomore class were awarded the medal on Wednesday night.

From the junior and senior classes one boy and one girl earned the award. After a student’s eighth grade year, ten people receive the nomination and before their junior and senior years.

The Sawyer Medal is named after Samuel Elwell Sawyer. He worked towards the well-being of the Gloucester community and schools. Sawyer believed in giving back to the people and schools while generously donating to charities. The Sawyer Free Library was also named after him.

“The Sawyer Medal is an indicator of great things,” said Gloucester High School Principal Mr. Anderson. “The students who are chosen are hard workers and have a great amount of perseverance.”

“It was an honor to receive it because it represents the best of Gloucester and the devotion of community members to the well being of Gloucester citizens and the advancement of the community,” said Sawyer Medal recipient Caroline Enos. “It was a very nice ceremony and it was nice to see community leaders and students come together for a positive reason.”

The top male and female students from the senior class were also given awards. Matilda Grow was awarded the Harvard Book Prize and Noah Stevens was awarded the College Women’s Club of Cape Ann award. Stevens was also given a Letter of Commendation for outstanding performance on the PSAT/NMSQT in 2014.

The following students were presented with the Sawyer Medal:

Class of 2019: Maxwell Boucher, Carolyn Cinelli, Rebecca Dowd, Jemima Grow, Rodney Nyborg, Lauryn O’Connor, Marisa Orlando, Diane Story, Caleb Willett and Tracy Wood.

Class of 2018: Caroline Enos, Henry Hardy, Danielle Larrabee, Soo Ae Ono, Lexi Zubricki

Class of 2017: Julia Butler, Kevin Nolan

Class of 2016: Cara Stockman, Lukas Struppe