Top six seniors take on quiz bowl


David DiPietro

(From left) Tom Vaiarella, Hannah Zuidema, Mike Vaiarella, Matilda Grow, Noah Stevens, and Reilly Zubricki pose with cut out of Billy Costa, host of High School Quiz Show


For the first time in GHS history, students participated in the WGBH High School Quiz Bowl Show.

The first round event called “Super Sunday” took place at the WGBH studio in Boston and included 140 schools in the area. Each team was asked 100 questions in a wide variety of topics to determine which teams would advance to the next round.

The team was coached by Principal Erik Anderson and staff member David DiPietro. Anderson selected the top six students in the senior class, Matilda Grow, Noah Stevens, Reilly Zubricki, Thomas Vaiarella, Michael Vaiarella, and Hannah Zuidema, to be a part of this event. “I was really proud of the students who participated,” said Anderson, “For helping to launch this at GHS.”

Team members felt that there could have been more preparation for the Quiz Bowl. “I thought it was pretty hard to know how to prepare,” said Noah Stevens “Because Gloucester had never participated before.”

Although the team feels the odds of advancing are slim, the group still sees the event as a positive thing.

“It was a success because at the very least, future quiz bowl teams will be able to prepare in a more effective manner,” said Thomas Vaiarella, “I wish the best of luck to future GHS quiz bowl competitors.”

The sixteen teams that will advance to the televised program will be announced within the next two weeks.