GHS recruits students for Police Academy


Mary-Kate Canavan

Students listen as deputy McCarthy speaks to them about the Police Academy


Through real life scenarios, students in the Gloucester U Police Academy have been able to take a look into the lives of police officers.

Throughout the class, the group has taken educational field trips to the Salem Juvenile Court, the Gloucester Police Station, and to see the fire station close up. They also had the chance to get CPR certified for free.

“The Gloucester U Police Academy is a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into all aspects of being a police officer and all that the job entails,” said head coordinator of the program Mary-Kate Canavan.

Along with these fun field trips, students also had the opportunity to go on a ride-along with a police officer. Students get to accompany an officer for the evening in a cruiser, drive to a crime scene, and get an upclose look at what really happens when an officer is on the job. Students can also see what it is really like to be in different types of scenarios, and what to expect if they really want to become a police officer.

“The ride along was fun because we got to see how the police officers really work and what goes on in our city,” said Police Academy student Rosie Favazza.

In the upcoming weeks, Police Academy students will be learning survival skills, go shooting at the Gloucester Police Department, and listen to a speaker come in to talk about forensics.

“We have the benefit of meeting and learning from the best in our city,” said Canavan. “Chief Campanello and all of the officers took time out of their day to speak with us and give us access to a behind the scenes look. Anyone who goes through the program will undoubtedly walk away with the respect and understanding of all that it takes to become an officer.”

The Police Academy is a great opportunity for students who are interested in becoming police officers or lawyers. Student can see what it is really like to be in the Law Enforcement field. If you or someone you know wants to join Police Academy, see Mary-Kate Canavan in room 2110 or Student Resource Officer Scoula.