Freshmen jump start DECA careers


Delaney Benchoff

Mrs. Grassetti’s freshmen DECA class


The class of 2019 is already changing the status quo. For the first time ever at GHS, the freshman class is being offered the opportunity to compete in DECA.

DECA teacher and adviser, Mrs. Ann Grassetti, has begun teaching a technology across the curriculum class. This change has allowed all of Mrs. Grassetti’s freshmen technology students the opportunity to become DECA members.

“The technology class is a recruiting tool that wasn’t recognized,” said Grassetti. “It’s tech with a twist.”

The E and B block technology classes have been infused with marketing skills and important career knowledge to create a hybrid technology class.

“I am integrating what I know to be important in marketing and entrepreneurship, into my teaching of google applications,” said Grassetti. “O’Maley prepares its students for technology, and because of their previous knowledge, the transition into marketing became easier for the students.”

In past years at GHS, freshmen were not allowed the opportunity to join the DECA program.

“Being allowed to take DECA as a freshman would have given us an extra year to learn more about what DECA really is and would have prepared us more for our following years,” said junior Sofia Gallo.

“It would have been very beneficial to study the basics of DECA my freshman year before competing, and I think that these students have great potential in DECA,” said junior Caitlin Gallo.

Many freshmen did not know about the DECA program at Gloucester High School going into 9th grade, since most freshman classes aren’t usually able to compete in the DECA program.

“Distractions of being a senior, including prom, college applications and tours etc., can interfere with their learning and focus on DECA,” said Grassetti. “Because of this, I have found that the freshmen can learn and understand new material faster.”

Senior DECA students were also recognized for having more life experience that gives them an advantage, and that the freshman will have a jump start in their DECA career.

“The freshman will have a early start to their business experience, which will result in the Gloucester High School DECA team becoming stronger as years go on.”

Some new freshmen DECA members ask how they will continue being a member of the DECA program at Gloucester High School throughout the whole school year, since the tech class is a half year course.

“Other schools, such as Beverly High School, have a DECA class held in only the first semester. Our district’s competition will be held within the first semester on January 7th,” said Grassetti.

“If any of the students make the top three within their category, they will move onto the states competition in March. Any students that make the cut will be able to arrange a time that compensates to their schedule after school to gain all desired materials.”

Hybrid technology class members have said that they think it’s a great beginning to a marketing career and that it’s important to start as soon as possible to improve your skills for the future.

“These two classes have changed my opinion of freshmen as I had underestimated what they were capable of doing,” said Grassetti.

Despite some concerns, the new members of DECA are honored to be the first freshman accepted to the team and are excited for the year ahead.