Administration aims to enforce IDs


Katelyn Moore and Corryn Ulrich with their new IDs

ERIN TETTONI, Staff Writer

School pictures are back, and with them came student IDs. This year, administration says they will be enforcing them, and the expectation is that students and faculty alike will abide by the rule.

According to administration, students who do not wear their identification cards will be sent to the office to get a temporary one. Students who forget their ID for a third time will be assigned an office detention.

“Not wearing them will be seen as an act of defiance,” said dean of students Chris Kobs. “Students, faculty, and parents will be involved and there will be an all call explaining that students have been given them.”

The Gillnetter staff was unable to find the student identification policy in the student handbook.

IDs were distributed during lunch. Many students missed lunch waiting in long lines to collect their IDs. NHS students waited in the lines only to find out that their IDs had been misplaced.

¨I just waited in that line for so long and they told me NHS isn’t here,” said senior Amy Geraghty.

The main reason behind wearing the IDs is as a safety precaution.

“We use them in order to identify students,” said principal Erik Anderson. “Young adults blend in, but the IDs will prevent unwelcome visitors. We are looking to enforce them at the same level as last year but we are hoping that students will be more compliant. We hope that students will cooperate and wear their IDs.”

“They are just one strategy to ensure the safety of our school,” said assistant principal Maria Lysen. She believes that in order for IDs to be successful this year, administration needs the support of the whole school, including teachers.

“How often do [students] see us?,” said Lysen. “How often do you see your teachers? You see them everyday. If teachers do their job, it will minimize ours.”

Many students still feel that IDs are unnecessary.

“Maybe for freshman the IDs are relevant, but as seniors they should know us,” said senior Alex Grace.

Some students have hesitation about wearing them because of the picture.

“I am going to wear mine, but they should be able to remember our faces,” said freshman Monique Palmisano. “If you took a bad picture you have to show it around.”

In addition to feeling IDs are unnecessary, other students feel that administration will not be successful, especially since lanyards were only given to freshmen.

“They will try to enforce them but they will probably fail,” said senior Miranda D’Oleo.