What else is there to do but write some Haikus?

The Gillnetter’s Corryn Ulrich presents a collection of poems about junior year so far.


Jenna Taormina

Corryn Ulrich contemplates junior year


After the tears have dried and you have screamed your throat out, after your bag of homework has broken your back and the stress has become too much, after all hope is gone and the light in your eyes has faded into black, really, what else is there to do but write some Haiku? Class of 2017, this one is for you.

Homework goes undone,

hella sad, overwhelmed.

Why do I even.

-Corryn Ulrich


Junior year is great,

being an upper classman.

Junior year is so fun.

-Jarrod Martin


I cry every night.

The stress will kill me slowly.

Low key want to die.

-Gwen Koehne


This is junior year.

Pancakes fill up my tummy.

Eat crackers with fork.

-Liam Lyons


Junior year means stress.

By far the hardest so far,

Does it get better?

-Karissa Murray


Tests and quizzes suck

My whole life is now hard work,

no time for breaks; ever.

-Nate Young


Misleading and bad,

lots of drama and heartache.

Trying to escape.

-Rachel Alexander


Trying not to fail.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

Someone please help me.

-Alexia Marnoto


Netflix controls me.

I don’t do homework anymore.

Help me. I’m dying.

-Rachel Nearis


AP Chem is life.

More work than ever before.

Stab me in the face.

-Jonathan Denman


Homework really sucks.

All I want to do is cry.

I should have dropped out.

-Katelyn Moore


I hate school, it’s dumb.

Six hours long, out window.

Cry and sleep all day.

-Lily Kuhns


I love junior year.

It is really fun and cool.

It’s the best year yet.

-Marlaina Fulmer


I have a headache.

Forgot my advil at home.

Wow, this really sucks.

-Haley Blanchette


Junior year, stressful.

Freshman bag? More like junior.

Homework fah days, man.

-Grace Brancaleone


Time; an illusion,

The limit does not exist,

I am always numb.

-Joshua Skalski


Pressure is building

Stress is overtaking me

When is it over?

-Sammy Orlando


Never ending work

Where is my motivation?

I have no more time.

-Jenna Taormina


I wish I was home

My bed’s a lot more comfy

I am so tired.

-Christina Lane


Endless paperwork

Couples everywhere, hiding

Disgust; frustrated.

-Sarah Burnham


This year is better.

I don’t do homework ever,

I might be failing.

-Carly Curcuru


Junior year is bad,

the workload is way too much.

I hate everyone.

-Marc Phinney