Romeo Theken officially Gloucester’s mayor


Caroline Enos

Sefatia Romeo Theken waves to supporters after winning the mayoral election


Gloucester’s interim mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken is here to stay after beating opponent Paul McGeary in the 2015 mayoral election. Romeo Theken raked in 5266 votes while McGeary received 4134 votes.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” said Romeo Theken as she greeted a large crowd of supporters at City Hall.

“I think that it was something a lot of people were expecting,” said GHS senior Mikayla Healey. “From a student’s perspective she was a good choice. She cares a lot about the schools and she was my first choice.”

The race for Councilor-at-Large concluded with Joe Orlando, Paul Lundberg, Joe Giacalone, Jamie O’Hara and Joe Ciolino being elected into office.

Scott Memhard won the spot for Ward 1 councilor. Melissa Cox ran unopposed for Ward 2 councilor and Steven LeBlanc won Ward 3. Val Gilman took Ward 4 and Sean Nolan was elected by Ward 5.

Jonathan Pope, Melissa Teixeira, Tony Gross, Joel Favazza, Kathy Clancy and Michelle Sweet were voted onto the School Committee.

The non-binding referendum on the ballot, which asked voters if the city’s water should be fluoridated, resulted in 65.27% voting to keep fluoride in the water.

The margin between Romeo Theken and McGeary was wider than the September 29th primary predicted, and Gloucester will be looking toward its returning and newly-elected leaders.