Theft leads to increased locker room security


Thefts have been a major issue for gym classes and student athletes this year, as phones, clothing, money, and other items have been stolen from the locker rooms.

Students have been finding ways to break locks or open lockers while they are still locked. However, there have been no sighting of students breaking into the locker rooms, leading administrators to believe it is members of the gym classes that are at fault.

“It’s become more common in the last year than any other year in the past,” said Dean of Students Robert Gallinelli. “There has been nothing out of the ordinary. It’s definitely an inside job.”

The boys locker room has been especially targeted. No one has officially reported any stolen items in the girl’s locker room to administration, but some girls have told other students that their items are missing.

“During my sophomore year, someone stole my $120 running shoes and my old sports bra,” said senior Madison Smith. “Who would even want that?”

To prevent further thefts, gym teacher John Sperry has been locking the locker room doors during class, but he doesn’t appreciate that this takes time out of the lesson.

“E block has been the worst. It’s unfortunate that people are messing with other kids’ stuff,” said Sperry. “If I have to wait three minutes at the beginning and end of each thirty minute class to lock up, that’s six minutes off of class. That leaves only twenty-four minutes left.”

Administration has been working with students to find their items. They have been using the app “Find Your Phone” to find as many lost phones as possible.

One phone that has been found was stored in the bottom of a trashcan so it could be retrieved after school. Although administration is helping people find their phones, they can’t track wallets, clothes, or anything that isn’t an electronic with a tracker.

“Get good locks keep your stuff locked up, or put it where there are cameras to catch anybody trying to take your stuff,” said Sperry.

If you are a student athlete or in a gym class, keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior and lock up your stuff.