Pink is the new black


Mike Cody

Students and teachers form a pink ribbon to promote breast cancer awareness


For the past five years in October, foreign language teachers Carol Finacey and Rayanne Menery have put together the “GHS Thinks Pink” fundraiser. Every year pink shirts are sold to students and faculty and the money made goes to breast cancer awareness organizations.

This year the t-shirts sold for $10 each and the event raised more than $700.00.

“In the past, faculty members have gotten breast cancer including myself,” said Finacey. “We wanted to do something to help the people who suffer from this and spread the awareness among young people.”

One in eight women in the United States develop breast cancer during their lives. About 40,290 women in the U.S. are expected to die in 2015 from breast cancer.

“It is a great fundraiser to make money and spread awareness of breast cancer in high school students, “said senior Sabrina Maciel. “It is important that high-schoolers know what could be affecting fellow classmates lives and what could affect their lives in the future,”