Back to school fashion guide

Back to school fashion guide


Summer is finally over and it’s time for women to find trendy clothes for the next season. There are new styles for girls of all personalities. BE BOLD! Wear what you love and rock it.

This school year people will be wearing layers on top of layers and comfy clothes. You can never go wrong with a sweater with jeans. To dress it up wear high boots and a nice jacket to complete the office appropriate outfit.

Passing by a store, in the window you may see long fall coats that look great with almost anything. Invest in rain jackets, leather jackets, or big coats to complete your look. Make sure to have light and flowy clothes in your closet and stick to solid, classy colors.

Stripes, stripes, stripes! Stripes are in this fall and everybody will be wearing them this season.  Make sure to have some sort of pattern in your closet to make yourself look bright during the cold weather. Anywhere from patterned scarves to pants that are fun can brighten up your day.

Girls who want to leave home feeling comfortable yet stylish, there is something for you too. If you are more for the lazy girl look, you can wear joggers or leggings with a long loose shirt and flats or boots. Flannels are very popular at this time so expect to see lots of people, both male and female, walking the halls in a colorful flannel.

If you are wearing a plain t-shirt, add some jewelry to make it pop and look amazing.  Big necklaces with solid colored shirts are a fashion statement.  Also, watches and bracelets are super important for any girl. As long as you have some sparkle you will be all set, but too many sparkles can overdo it.

Wear what you feel confident in and follow your fashion dreams.  Never doubt yourself because there is something for everyone to wear.