Opinion: Was that really necessary?

Opinion: Was that really necessary?

KATELYN MOORE, Staff Writer, Editor

As an AP English Language student, I understand the concept of summer reading. I read three books over the summer to prepare for the topics discussed with other students in my AP English Language class.

Did my AP books tie in with the very vague topics posed for the school-regulated summer reading assignment? Yes.

However, I do not think it was necessary to take time out of the middle of the day to discuss these topics.

GHS requires four years of English. This means everyone is in an English class (with the exception of those who got English credits through classes over the summer at North Shore Community College). So, why can’t we take time out of our English classes to discuss these topics with our English teachers?

The full 45-minute summer reading block took time out of my other classes, including another AP class. AP classes only have a certain amount of time to learn everything there is to know about a subject before the test in the Spring.

That being said, why do we need another English block, with teachers  who don’t teach English? Why are the math teachers expected to facilitate an English discussion? Why are the AP teachers expected to take time out of their classes to discuss vague topics with their homerooms?

My homeroom is in the math department. My homeroom also consists of ten people. Throughout those long forty-five minutes, not one person said anything. What is the point of that?

I’m not going to do extra English work if I’m not going to be graded. I went to my homeroom because attendance was taken and I don’t want a cut. Personally, I don’t want a kindle fire.

I want to be prepared for my AP tests in the Spring. I want to do my Calculus homework and study for my Spanish test I have at the end of the day.

Summer reading is not a waste of time. Forty-five minutes of another English class, where no one gets anything done, is.