Looking for creative ways to ask someone to semi?

Here is some much needed advice from The Gillnetter’s Corryn Ulrich:


Corryn Ulrich

Mike Cody gets creative and asks Rachel Alexander to semi (she said yes)

CORRYN ULRICH, Staff Writer, Opinion editor

Okay seniors, listen up.  Semi is November 10, and it is mucho fast approaching.

I highly advise asking your date by early October in order to give your date as much time as possible to assemble the gear necessary to look fly.

Assuming your date is a girl, she’s probably going to want to buy a dress, and get her hair done. Makeup is expensive and she has to make sure that her eye shadows and facial tones match her dress. Also accessories require a lot of thought.

But not to fear, gentlemen, Corryn Ulrich is here.

First, make sure your soon-to-be-date is not already going with someone. Ask your friends to help you out.

Next, assuming your girl has not been claimed, it’s time to make your move. Here are some ideas, arranged from least elaborate to most elaborate:

  1. A man can never go wrong with flowers and a card.
  2. Buy a teddy bear. Get a card. “I can’t bear to go to semi without you” is cute. Write whatever you want.
  3. Find her locker. Cut out the letters “S-E-M-I-?” and paste them to her locker. Just make sure you’re around to take credit when she first sees it.
  4. Does she drink coffee? Bring her one in the morning and write on the cup: “Semi?”
  5. Record yourself asking “[Insert Girl’s Name], “will you go to semi with me?”. Make a fire mixtape. Have her listen to it.
  6. If you know where she lives and she has a garage, spell out “S-E-M-I-?” in duct tape on the garage door.  That way, when she comes home, you can be there waiting as the door opens.
  7. Enlist some buddies. Get some shirts made. You need at least five friends with five shirts. Spell out “S-E-M-I-?”, with one letter per shirt per friend. Really cute.
  8. If you play a hockey and you can wait for a while, have her come to one of your games. Get “S-E-M-I-?” to be written out in hockey pucks on the ice after the game really quick. This idea is really difficult to pull off, so this will get you a billion-million “date” points.