To prom, or not to prom?

To prom, or not to prom?


The tradition of the high school prom has existed in the United States since the 1930’s, and Gloucester High is no exception, with this year’s prom looking better than ever.

The senior prom will take place on June 11 at the Andover Country Club, after they gather for Promenade at the GHS to kick off the evening. The class of 2015 student council has been working to raise money for this event since freshmen year.

“I’m so excited for prom,” said senior class Vice President Lily Sanfilippo. “My fellow student council members and I have worked so hard for this event. We have a beautiful venue and I just can’t wait to see everyone having fun and breaking it down on the dance floor”.

“I think that student council has done an amazing job using all of their resources to give us the best prom possible,” said senior Marina Tarantino.

Many girls who are attending the senior prom have been preparing for months to find the perfect dress and shoes, and someone to go with.

For some, this is an exciting part of the process.  For others, there is too much pressure focused on this event.

¨I just don’t like when people take it too seriously with the dresses,¨ said senior Kelly Hurd. ¨Like, if yours kind of looks like someone else’s, someone freaks out about it.¨

“It puts too much pressure on people to get dolled up to impress people who they might not have cared about otherwise,” said senior Spencer Taft, who will not be attending Prom.

This year, the cost of a ticket will be $40. Despite the ticket being cheaper than last year, prom is still an expense, and there are people who would rather save their money.

“I would rather spend the money on something else,¨ said senior Kayla Lane. ¨I’m going to go shopping for college that day with the money I would have spent on prom”

Regardless of whether or not you will be attending the senior prom, this year is coming to an end, and seniors will be graduating soon.

“My brother and his girlfriend are going to prom,” said sophomore Karissa Murray. ¨It kind of makes me sad because it means their senior year is coming to an end and they will be leaving me.”