Tess Destino wins youth awareness award

Tess Destino wins youth awareness award

Rory Gentile

Tess Destino wins youth awareness award


GHS senior Tess Destino was awarded $3,000 for placing fourth in the state wide Youth Awareness competition. This is the second time that a contestant from Gloucester High School has placed in the top five.

The competition takes place in early fall. Seniors are picked to create a presentation about a topic they are passionate about, and present it to the youth (ages 4 – 9) of their community.

Six students from Gloucester competed at the city level, only Destino made it to states.

“I did mine on positivity,” said Destino. “I basically wanted to make the youth aware of how positive behavior affects lives by including fun activities, such as a toothpaste experiment, in which I compared how once you dump all the toothpaste out of the tube, you can never fully get it all back into the tube. Same goes for our words and actions.”

Destino was sent on an all expenses paid trip to Orlando, Florida, to compete with fifty-two other students from all around the country.

Destino said she was shocked when she was called up for fourth place.“I wasn’t expecting it at all.”