Art Club lights up the Atrium


Lorrinda Cerritti

Danielle Bauke, Sarah Burnham (top) Elizabeth Silveira and Jessalyn Silveira paint a lighthouse mural in the atrium

KAYLA LANE, Staff Writer

The GHS Art Club students have come up with an idea to spice up the appearance of the atrium. For the past year, students have been painting the column on the side of the atrium to make it look like a lighthouse, and working on a large fish mural.

“The inspiration for the mural was inspired by our beautiful city of Gloucester,” said senior Jaclyn Withers.

Last year, it was half way done, until the Sophomore class did a fundraiser which ended with Mr. Goulart being duct taped to the column.  When they went to take the duct tape off, the paint from the lighthouse came off, which resulted in the Art Club having to start all over.

“It’s still a work in progress, but I hope once it’s all finished that it will be as good as I thought it would be when we first started this project”, said Withers.

Jennifer Palazola, a senior at Gloucester High School, designed the lighthouse.

“My inspiration was Alexis Chipperini’s under water column near the office,” said Palazola. “Hopefully it will make the atrium more welcoming and appealing.

The mural will go next to the lighthouse and will be attached to the front desks.  The art club has also decided to add a fish mural with 2D cutouts of fish.

“We designed the fish on cardboard, and then Mr. Rose’s carpentry class made cut outs out of wood,” said GHS Art teacher Ms. Lorinda Cerruitti.

The art club isn’t stopping there. In the next year they plan on making the benches in the atrium look like aquarium fish tanks.

“Joining Art Club has definitely helped me become a better artist,” said freshmen Elizabeth Silveira.

If you or anyone you know has a real talent for art, or just likes to paint and draw, Art Club meets every Tuesday in room 3111.

The finished lighthouse
Lorrinda Cerrutti
The finished lighthouse