Parking rules reinstated after long winter


We all know driving is a big expense. This week, some GHS students learned just how expensive it can be.

On Monday, students were issued tickets for parking in prohibited areas near the student parking lot. Some tickets carried $100 fines for parking in handicapped parking spots while other students were issued $15 fines for parking in fire lanes.

“I thought it was only during football games that it was handicapped parking,” said senior Jacob Taormina. “Everyone parks there all the time. They should have at least given us a warning. He just chose a random day to fine us.”

“Through the winter we purposefully looked the other way out of necessity,” said GHS Principal Mr. Erik Anderson. “One couldn’t even tell where the handicap parking spot was. Now that the handicapped spots are cleared, they will be 99 percent of the time unoccupied and that’s the way it should be.”

“People are not owed a warning, said Anderson. “Though we did give people what amounts to a warning, the message was sent. It’s all clear, spots are clearly marked, and people need to adhere to the law.”

After this winter, students have been used to parking wherever they can find a spot.

“Everyone is parked illegally. People just park everywhere,” said Taormina referring to the lack of available parking spaces designated for students.

“Every senior, every junior and a few sophomores can drive,” said Taormina. “It has never been a problem until today.”