New law sheds light on safe driving


It’s no secret that driving in rainy conditions can be very dangerous. It seems like every time we watch the news, we see crashes due to slick roads. Sixty percent of car accidents each year are weather related. Seventy percent of those accidents take place at night.

Whether its snow or ice, headlights could make a big dent in that statistic with use of headlights in low visibility situations. but rain and fog is another big part of the problem.

Last week, a law took effect that while driving in rainy conditions, the driver must have headlights on at all times. The penalty for driving without headlights is $25 and an insurance surcharge.

“I was in a weather related car accident and my friend didn’t have his headlights on” said John Salvi-Souza who was in the passenger seat of a Ford Ranger that ended up in the woods one morning last April.

“Maybe if he put his headlights on he would’ve seen the glare of the black ice that was covered with rain and snow.”

With police cracking down on this law for the safety of everyone, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.