Opinion: technology is taking over


The world is being overtaken by technology and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Technology is destroying us. Everywhere you look, you see people staring mindlessly at their phones, tablets, and laptops. For those of us who are not plagued by the technology epidemic, there is nowhere left to turn.

Classrooms are becoming completely digitized. They have adopted online textbooks, tests, and apparently newspapers. While it’s true that technology can make classroom activities more efficient, some students are finding it increasingly difficult to absorb online materials.

Paper textbooks are still available in most classes, but almost all tests and quizzes are online. Some of us need to mark up our  tests, and others just find it difficult to stare at computers for  long periods of time. What’s going to happen when the traditional options are eliminated completely?

Added technology also means added excuses. Teachers want us to put all of our documents and projects online, making it so much easier for us to come up with computer-related reasons for late assignments.  Sometimes the excuses are true, but we get penalized anyway, further emphasizing the point that sometimes traditional methods are better.

Students can’t even make it through an entire school day without their phones. And their excuse? “What if my parents need to call me and tell me something important?” They act as though the main office is incapable of transmitting an important message from parent to student. Trust in others has gone down the drain.

Technology is also destroying our social skills. Social media claims to connect us, but in reality, it’s just creating disconnect. When was the last time you went out with a friend, and they didn’t spend the entire time obsessively checking their phone?

Think about it.