Finalists compete for perfect pitch



Do you care about organically grown food, the environment and recycling? Do you think the film club should get a new camera? If so, then come to Pitch Night and show your support!

On Monday night,  the Environmental Club, Film Club and Culinary Arts will compete for a $2000.00 grant from the Awesome Gloucester Foundation as part of The Awesome Challenge.

The “Shark Tank” style event will be held in the cafeteria at 7:00pm and students are encouraged to attend. The three finalists will pitch their ideas to the Awesome Gloucester board of trustees, who will ask questions, and then choose a winner.

The Environmental Club intends to expand the recycling program at Gloucester High by introducing composting in the cafeteria. The compost would be picked up by Black Earth Haulers and would essentially save the school and city money by reducing waste.

The compost would then be used in local farms. E-club also plans to expand the program by placing more green recycling bins around the school.

The Film Club’s pitch involves a new camera. For those of you who don’t know, this year the club is filming their own short movie. A new camera will improve the audio for this project and future projects.

The Culinary Department would like to introduce the cultivation of live chickens to the program. According to Chef Reardon, the chickens would promote the “Farm to Table Initiative” and aid in teaching sustainability to students.

He also believes it will help students to recognize the difference between organically grown food and food produced with the use of harmful hormones.

Think these ideas will make Gloucester more awesome?  Come on Monday night to support your favorite group!