So you think you can model?


Kayla Lane

Huria Velasquez poses for the GHS modeling contest

KAYLA LANE, Staff Writer

Want to have a chance to win a glamorous picture of yourself and fifty dollars?

The photo club has decided to give students a chance to have beauty shots taken in their brand new studio. It only costs two dollars to sign up and you have a chance to win a fifty dollar prize!

The photo shoot will take place in Mrs. Underwood’s room after school and during lunch. You can have your pictures taken by yourself or with all your friends. The photographer of the winning shot will also receive a fifty dollar prize.

“This competition reflects the real world and what they will be going up against.” said Jacqueline Underwood, the photo teacher at Gloucester High School.

Once the pictures are taken, the student photographer will show you the files. You get to pick which photo you want to use for the contest. The winner also gets a 8X10 of their photo as well.

“We want people to know that we’re not taking a regular shot,” said Underwood. “We’re doing glamour shots. We’re going for the “hollywood” look.”

According to Mrs. Underwood, five people have already signed up for the contest. You can sign up at lunch, or talk to Mrs. Underwood.