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Oh mon Dieu, cats everywhere!

Santana Faria
Madame Finacey smiles for the camera.

When wandering the language hallway of GHS, there’s a classroom that’s sure to catch the eye of any passerby. With cat posters plastering the walls, plush cats hanging from the ceiling, cat magnets, cat stickers, a blow up cat for halloween, cat trinkets and cat fidget toys – the classroom of French and Spanish teacher Madame Finacey is home to more than 200 pieces of cat imagery. 

“If you get a 90 or above, she will give you these cute little cat stickers,” sophomore Jessica Harvey said. “They just make my day, she’s so cute. It’s a little crazy but that’s what makes her cool.” 

Golden cat graces Madame Finacey’s desk. (Santana Faria)

It’s unclear where this obsession started, though Finacey recalls her family being cat owners since she was young and living in her home town of Cheshire, Connecticut. This fascination only grew from her youth and Finacey now owns 4 cats: Azalea, Rose, Chat Rouge and Chat Orange. Although she loves the entire species, she often gravitates towards Persian and Himalayan breeds. 

“It’s become worse with age,” said Finacey. “My students and the faculty feed the obsession. A lot of the things that are in here students and teachers bought me.”

Throughout her 36 years at GHS, Finacey has continued to compile numerous feline figurines and photos. Often the assignments that her students receive are adorned with cat images and borders. 

“My students always write to me after they’ve graduated from college to say they’ve adopted cats,” said Finacey. “It must be from sitting in this room for 4 years.”

Whether you take a language class or not, it’s worth setting foot in room 1211 to say bonjour to Madame Finacey, and see one of the many wonders of GHS.

Cat posters hanging on Madame Finacey’s wall. (Santana Faria )
More cat memorobilia within Madame Finacey’s feline themed room. (Santana Faria )
Cat stuffed animals hanging from room 1211’s ceiling. (Santana Faria)
Cat poster hanging inside Madame Finacey’s cabinet. (Santana Faria )
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About the Contributor
Santana Faria
Santana Faria, Staff Writer
Santana Faria is a sophomore at GHS and a first year writer for the Gillnetter. She’s an honors student as well as an active member of the Student Council where she enjoys fundraising for her class. In her free time, Santana loves to read fantasy books, listen to music and nap. When she isn’t busy sleeping, you can contact her at [email protected]

Comments (2)

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  • S

    SusanJan 14, 2024 at 8:26 pm

    That is so awesome!

  • J

    Jolie BrownJan 14, 2024 at 12:14 am

    I liked this story!??