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GHS gets ready for Halloween Costume Contest

Winner gets a pizza party for up to ten friends

The Positive School Culture Team is planning its 1st Halloween Costume Contest at GHS!

“We are hoping to have the whole school participate in this fun and exciting day, geared to foster a sense of creativity, fun and community among students,” said team member and Assistant Principal Allison Alves. “Our goal is to have as many students participate as possible!

 The Halloween Costume Contest will take place on Tuesday October 31st 2023.  Each staff member will be given 2 “golden Halloween tickets” and on Tuesday morning will give their two tickets to students who they believe have the most creative costume, and should be able to participate in the parade. 

There will be an announcement at 10:40 (C block) for those students with the “Halloween golden ticket” to come to the atrium to participate in the parade. At that time the administrators will lead and follow the parade around the school so everyone can see the costumes. At the conclusion of C block (10:55) the parade will conclude and the day will proceed as normal. Our team of secret judges will vote for the winner, and the winner will be announced during afternoon announcements. 

 The parade is an opportunity for students to show off their costumes through the school, and for the secret judges to see all costumes on display,” said Alves. “We also hope this promotes a sense of school culture and positively on this fun day for all.

Rules and Regulations:

  • No face covering: As a safety precaution and to ensure a fun and inclusive atmosphere, participants must not cover their entire faces. Masks that fully obscure the face are not allowed.

  • No complete head covering : Participants are allowed to wear wigs as part of their costumes but should avoid covering their entire heads. Judges need to identify who students are for the prize!

  • Clothing should be school appropriate

The winner of the costume contest will be awarded a pizza party for up to 10 friends, paid for by administration! 


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