Gloucester Mayor Kirk resigns


Melanie MacDonald

Gloucester City Hall


The city of Gloucester has kicked off the new year with some new changes – most notably a new mayor. After seven years as mayor of Gloucester, Carolyn Kirk has accepted a job as deputy secretary of the state’s Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development under new Governor Charlie Baker.

Kirk announced her resignation on December 26th and her last day in office was January 6th. Many questions hang in the air for Gloucester High School students: who will be the new mayor? How will he or she affect Gloucester schools?

Kirk started out as a member of the school committee before she became mayor. “She struck a balance between the financial needs of the school district and the needs of the entire city,” said Superintendent Richard Safier.

Since the mayor of Gloucester also serves on the school committee, once a new mayor is chosen, he or she will also have a seat on the committee.This means a new voice, with new ideas to bring to the table of Gloucester Public Schools.

Because Kirk chose a 2015 departure, there will be no city-wide special election. The city council will have to appoint an interim mayor from one of its own. This saves the city thousands of dollars by not having a public election.

City council has two weeks after meeting to elect one of its members as mayor to serve our the rest of Kirk’s term. If the council doesn’t reach a consensus by the end of those two weeks, then the city council’s president, Paul McGreary, will assume the role of interim mayor.