Art showcase features works from GHS senior artists


Emily Harney

Senior showcase will open Arts Festival this year, featuring work from seniors who have excelled in art classes at GHS.


On Saturday the 13th, the Senior Showcase artwork will be on display at Movement Arts Gloucester Massachusetts (MAGMA), as part of the Spring Arts Festival.  Seniors who have excelled in the various art classes at GHS will show their work. 

There will be several different mediums shown such as painting, sculpture, photo, fashion, drawing, ceramics, and many more.  The seniors’ work will be brought to Gloucester High School on Sunday. 

“I’m excited that this is the first year they (Magma) will highlight the seniors, especially because of everything they’ve done over the past four years,” Ceramics teacher Helen Duncan said. “It’s exciting for students to show their work and it is important for them to have their work seen. I’ve had many of my students in the show multiple times over the past four years, and it’s exciting to see how much they’ve grown.”

Over 35 seniors will have their work shown.

Art: Allie Nicastro, Griffin Towne, Michael Merchant, Catherine Sargent, Matheus Da Silva

Photography: Drewdouglas White, Bryan Swain, Aidan Kull, Olivia McBain, Jenna Church

Ceramics: Annika Nyborg, Marissa Numerosi, Ella Zindle, Ashlee Aiello, Rosalia Ferrara, Adam Madeja. 


What: Senior Showcase

When: Saturday 13th, 12:00-5:00

Where: MAGMA,  11 Pleasant St Suite 64, Gloucester, MA 01930