Opinion: human rights – it’s time to stand up!


In early October, an autistic child was duct taped to a goal post by a Pennsylvania soccer team as an act of hazing.

Why can’t disabled students participate in after school activities without being bullied? Crimes like this take place every day across the country. Many people, tragically, have no idea.

It is because of heinous acts like this that The GHS Human Rights Initiative is taking action. Every year, the Human Rights Initiative brings awareness of global issues to Gloucester. Our goal is to educate people on the violations of human rights that are happening as we speak, and what actions can be taken.

Last year our mission was primarily education, and how it is not being spread evenly throughout America.  The Human Rights Initiative established a book drive for children who attend Pathways, and help our second annual benefit concert at Stage Fort Park which raised $273.16 for Teach For America.

This year, the Initiative is focusing on mental illnesses. The Human Rights Initiative wants to bring awareness to the general public about difficult mental illnesses and how many people are affected by them, along with the discrimination that often occurs against afflicted people.

The club is aiming to raise money to be able to sponsor a program that allows mentally ill people to participate in activities, such as sports.

The Human Rights Initiative welcomes anyone who would like to join the club. Meetings are on Mondays after school in room 2207.

The Initiative gives us a chance to do some good, and speak out against the cruelty seen in the world. We as a community have the power to make substantial change, and it’s our job to stand up and make a difference.