Award winning photographer visits GHS


Jacqueline Underwood

Jacqueline McCarthy, Alessia LoGrasso, Vincenzo Dimino, Bobbi Lane, Epifania Perez, and Mary Gray

KAYLA LANE, Staff Writer

Last week, award winning photographer Bobbi Lane visited the photo department to teach photo students a thing or two about how to use their lighting equipment.

“It was a really good experience and I learned things I would have never known if she hadn’t come here” said Alessia Lograsso, senior advanced photo student at GHS.

Lane is one of the top thirteen photo workshop instructors in the world according to GHS photo teacher Jacqueline Underwood.  “When she walked into our studio, her jaw dropped,” said Underwood.

“The equipment used here at GHS is better than the equipment used at New England School of Photography,” said Lane.  The equipment used at GHS was donated by retired Gloucester photographer Robert Amory. You can view his work at

Lane was in the photo room teaching studio portrait lighting from 7am to 4:00 and assisted with the holiday portrait shoot. The students in photo loved the opportunity in getting to learn with her.

“Before she came, I didn’t like the studio at all, but now I love the studio” said Jackie McCarthy a senior advanced photo student. “We learned how to use the lights to make people in portraits look better, and it was really helpful”

To view Bobbi Lane’s work you can visit