How to stay on track after college applications


As January comes to an end, most college application deadlines have passed, and applicants are left with the looming question of what to do now that the process is over. Many would like to think their second semester of senior year could be spent relaxing during their final months before college, but the actuality of the situation may be less than optimal for those whose deadlines have passed. So, here are 3 things to do to stay on track.

1. Create or log into the portal for each college. While it should be common knowledge, students need to create or activate a portal account for each college, which allows students to see if their applications are missing any materials, as well as see their admission decision once it comes out. 

2. Keep on track with grades. Although it is rare, schools may rescind their acceptance decisions if a student tanks their grades after their applications are submitted. Senioritis may be setting in, but unless college is not in the future, keep in mind that grades still matter.

3. Apply for scholarships and submit financial aid forms. While getting into college is a feat on its own, acquiring the money to actually go to college is a prevalent issue for many, and can be a deciding factor for where some students go to college.

Guidance counselors are there for students to help with the college application process, and it is never a bad idea to make an appointment to ensure all requirements are completed. While completing the final application is a massive relief, it is not the end of the line, and, unfortunate as it may be, college applications require a lot of work that may not be done.